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Courtenay BC Canada

Currently taking orders for January 2018 starts on most models over 20ft

Wolf Boat 22ft LOA 24ft

Wolf West Coast Cruiser - Commerical more photos - SVOP under 5 ton, C300WC LOA 33ft, for more information email wolf@wolfboats.com

boat 220WC

Wolf West Coast Cruiser 220WC LOA 24ft, more photos,



Wolf Mfg Inc Display Boat Used Aluminium Boats 2007 Wolf Land Craft $175000.00

Demo Boat Sale

Pleasure Craft 2007 Wolf Land Craft LOA 34ft, photos
$155,000.00 plus applicable taxes.

Optional Commerical Use: Max Gross Load 4600lbs,
Includes twin 175HP Suzuki Engines
and much more!


Wolf Centre Console 160DCSB

16ft Wolf Day Cruiser - (4) occupants 50HP+ and self bailing deck!, more photos


Wolf Centre Console

Wolf Centre Console 200CC LOA 22ft, more photos

Boats to take you where you've never gone before!

Our Pacific Coast is waiting to be discovered, there are thousands of island coves for exploring, miles of quiet sandy beaches to relax and soak up the sun. Or spend a day or two on a quiet lake to energize and connect to your spirit. Choosing a Wolf aluminum boat means getting around will never be easier and your exploration unlimited.

We strive for innovation and performance with every boat we build. A Wolf Boat is one of the best custom-welded aluminum boats on the market today, and we are focused on building better boats every year.

Boats are built at our facility in Courtenay, BC (Vancouver Island), Canada by Wolf Manufacturing Inc. We build an average of 10 to 12 boats per year in varying lengths up to 40 ft., as well as a variety of marine products. Every boat is a custom order, giving us the opportunity to build to your specific requirements. We keep you connected with your boat purchase, providing you with an online web photo album or e-mail photo attachments. And our facility is always open for you to view your boat at all stages of construction.

All metal joins are done by a pulse welding machine, which reduces distortion in heat-affected zones. We use only marine-grade aluminum and only one grade of aluminum at the waterline. This reduces the incidents of electrolysis on the boat hulls. We meet or exceed the Canadian Vessel Construction Standards and DOT commercial requirements. All welding wire is CWB approved. Electrical wiring is tinned copper with heat shrink connectors. All electrical components are of the highest standards and DC panels are fused for trouble-free usage. The boat decks and doors are completely sealed. All parts and components are of the highest standards available.

You won’t find a better-designed or more versatile aluminum boat on the market, whether it’s an 8ft Wolf Pup or the 38ft Wolf West Coast Cruiser. All our boat hulls & sides are designed with press-formed lift streaks; this reduces the number of welds required to construct the hull. Fewer welded joins translates to a stronger hull. The Wolf Boat hull is the widest at the waterline; this adds to the stability of the hull so it will not slip, shimmy or roll. The bow is designed to move water away from the hull and as a result Wolf Boats have the driest decks in rough seas. Our Super V-hull, tapers to a shallow draft; this provides better handling, significantly less pounding in heavy seas, superb control on turns and reduced thumping on large waves. A ride in a Wolf Boat will convince you that we really do build a better aluminum boat!

With all the market ups and downs isn't time to have your money sitting where you can see it and feel it!

"It is very relevant in today’s market to question the value of our purchases and our assets. As consumers we are all on the cusp of a new understanding or is it perhaps a revival of the appreciation for a quality product and what that means."

Buying a custom aluminum Wolf boat is not like buying a car, where you drive it off the lot and it has lost significant value. In buying a Wolf boat you are buying direct from a manufacturer. Your boat purchase price does not include paying distributors, shippers, dealers, sales commissions, etc. All the fees that are associated with bringing most products to market. It is those costs that the purchaser doesn’t get back when they resell most products. A custom Wolf boat is a product that is not produced for a mass market. It is like fine piece of furniture. When it is well cared for, it becomes an asset that increases in value.

A purchase for a lifetime? Aluminum does not deteriorate like steel or fiberglass. We have had only a few customers who sold their boats, and usually for more than the purchase price. One customer had his boat for 9 years and still sold it for more than he paid for it. (We do have referrals if you wish to confirm this information). It’s been our experience that our boats, when they are well cared for, will usually sell for no less than the purchase price and in some cases for more than the purchase price.

Will my boat purchase hold it's value? The final consideration is always the economy, and the sellers and buyers confidence and attitude in that market. There is always someone who wants the boat now, verses going to a builder and waiting a few months or seller who wants the money now and accepts the price offered. We have been in business for 15 years, our prices have increased almost every year. The value of a new Wolf Boat will be higher over time, which is good for the reseller of earlier models. Lastly the Wolf Boats brand is respected in the market place, for its quality construction and excellent performance.

Your Wolf Boat purchase is always a good investment!

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30ft Wolf West Coast Cruiser

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"Aluminum boats are 30 to 40% lighter than a fiberglass or steel hull of similar dimensions. The lighter aluminum hull translates to savings in fuel consumption for the environmentally conscious boater." more

Wolf Boats always a good investment!

34ft landcraft
Wolf Land Craft
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25ft cabin cruiser
Wolf West Coast Cruiser
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hardtop boat
Wolf WC - Hard-top Style
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windshield style boat
Wolf Windshield Style
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center console boat
Wolf Center Console
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pacific series windshield option
Wolf Day Cruiser - Pacific Series
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open boats
Wolf Day Cruiser - Open Boats
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