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  Wolf Busch- Builder Designer

Wolf has extensive knowledge of marine design and construction. He repaired and fabricated masts, poles, Seine skiffs, Herring skiffs, Gill Netters, Seine & Gill Net drums, fuel tanks, bow rollers, exhaust systems, etc..

At West Coast Manly Shipyards (a subdivision of Rivtow), Wolf welded on the James Sinclair, a 137 ft., aluminum fisheries vessel. His quality workmanship and efficient work habits moved him to the Marine Hatches & Door Shop. There, as a CWB certified aluminum welder, he fabricated and designed hatches and water tight bulkhead doors for a total of 7 years. In additon he has 6 1/2 years as foreman and CWB Welding Supervisor, fabricating and designing boats 16' to 36' and a variety of aluminum marine products.

In addition to hundreds of vessels built for other companies, Wolf has built, customized or repaired over 200 vessels from 8 to 46ft in the last 15 years as Wolf Manufacturing Inc., which began January 1995.

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