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Live Online "Auction!" January 20, 2022

Marine Manufacturing Equipment CLOSING SALE
- on site preview January 19, 2022 -

    • located in Courtenay - Vancouver Island, BC Canada

    For SALE
    Aluminum Parts, Marine Supplies & Tools

      • aluminum welding equipment
      • Red-D-Arc welding machines
      • assorted boat parts,
      • boat seats, props, prawn crab traps
      • boat windows & hatches
      • hand & power tools, bench grinder, drills, skill saws
      • ladders, jacks, etc.,
      • office furniture
      • scrap aluminum & partial sheets, assorted tubing
      • and more!

      For Sale - (1) Domed Temporary Structure

      Aluminum Pipe Frame, with (2) Durable vinyle tarp - colour white inside green outside, open both ends, 16ft wide x 30ft long x 16ft height

      For Sale - Mobile home

      Uncertified Mobile Home -12ft wide x 60ft long x 12ft height

      For more information email: wolf@wolfboats

      Include in subject header "AUCTION"

      NOTE: no boats remain in inventory