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Dreaming of a boat this year, it's time to order!
We are now taking orders for
May 2011 starts.

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We will do our best to reply as quickly as possible to your email. But due to the high volume of email requests we will initially respond with a standard price sheet in PDF format. The price sheet will include the most common package options as well as suitable engines and trailers for the boat based on style & length over all (LOA) submitted.

After you have reviewed the standard price sheet. Please forward any additional items you require and we will forward a detailed quote with your specific requirements.

Various engine brands are available as well as inboards and outboards for most models. There are many possible combinations of packages and not all options are shown on the web site or stated on price sheets. Please don't hesitate to ask.

Finally an important note: Sometimes your spam settings or service provider may prevent you from receiving your quote. Adjust settings to permit a response from 08wolfboats@wolfboats.com

Please note: We have to sift through 100's of junk email everyday and we may occasionally miss an important email. When contacting us directly via email please insert the words Wolf Boats in the subject header. When you use the form it will automatically insert the necessary subject information.

We look forward to serving you... Thank you for your interest in our products.

We do not support Spam! The information submitted will not be sold or transferred to any other parties.

For a standard price sheet submit form below:

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**LOA - Boat Length Overall: feet.
(LOA includes the 2ft swallowtail outboard engine bracket)
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