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Wolf Boat Features

Build it just the way you like it! There are many options available.

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Why Aluminium?

Aluminum boats are 30 to 40% lighter than a fiberglass or steel hull of similar dimensions. The lighter aluminum hull translates to savings in fuel consumption for the environmentally conscious boater. Aluminum is the material of choice on the ocean or the lake for the commercial boating industry, serious adventure seekers, and sport fishermen.

An aluminum hull will last longer and require less maintenance than fiberglass or steel. It will handle more abuse from driftwood and rocks, without chipping and cracking (common in fiberglass boats). And a well-designed aluminum hull can survive being beached without hull damage.

Press-formed Strength

All our boat hulls and sides are designed with press-formed lift streaks; this reduces the number of welds required to construct the hull. Fewer welded joins translates to a stronger hull reducing the risk of metal fatigue. We were the first manufacturer to press-bend hull sides and bottom. (Many companies still use channel angles welded on the outside of the hull plates).

The Wolf Boat hull is the widest at the waterline; this adds to the stability of the hull so it will not slip, shimmy or roll. The bow is designed to move water away from the hull and as a result Wolf Boats have the driest decks in rough seas. Our Super V-hull, tapers to a shallow draft; this provides better handling, significantly less pounding in heavy seas, superb control on turns and reduced thumping on large waves. A ride in a Wolf Boat will convince you that we really do build a better aluminum boat!

Better Boats

Our hulls have channels added to the inside to form a supportive box-system which integrates into the floor structure. These interior channels, increase the longitudinal strength of the Wolf Boat hull.

We use closed-cell foam floation/insulation panels. They offer superior floation than the older spray-foam product many competiors still use.

All metal joins are done by a pulse welding machine, which reduces distortion in heat-affected zones. The hull bottom and sides are made from 5052 marine grade aluminum preventing dissimilar metal reactions that lead to electrolysis.

5052 marine aluminum also offers a unique quality of bending on severe collisions. (5086 which is the common choice of competitors, will crack in a severe collision, opening the hull to water damage and possibly sinking.)
We meet or exceed the Canadian Vessel Construction Standards and DOT commercial requirements. All welding wire is CWB approved. Electrical wiring is tinned copper with heat-shrink connectors. All electrical components are of the highest standards and DC panels are fused for trouble-free usage. The boat decks and doors are completely sealed. All parts and components are of the highest standards available.
You will not find a better-designed or more versatile aluminum boat on the market, whether it is an 8ft Wolf Pup or the 38ft Wolf West Coast Cruiser. We have never had a hull fail or fuel tank problem and our customers have put our boats to the test both in pleasure and in commercial use since 1994!